Iron Man Unveils The Hidden Mechanism Behind The Blistering Velocity Of His Armor

By Victor O

Flash and Quicksilver have a competition! Iron Man’s suit is not just stylish; it is a high-tech speed machine with a serious speed capability, thanks to Tony’s science skills which sets his suit apart from other superheroes who can travel at incredible speeds.

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Tony’s travel abilities go beyond standard means because of how advanced his suit of armor is. With the Jett boosters in his suit, he can attain supersonic speeds while the armor shields him from external elements like the freezing upper atmosphere, debris, and wind.

Yet, when Tony wants to travel across the globe, he uses a clever trick that proves his brain to be the most potent weapon.

In The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 5 #4, an important moment reflects this clever trick; the plot revolves around a villain targeting Tony Stark and turning his world upside down. This villain is later revealed to be Feilong, a tech billionaire who wants to avenge Iron Man for losing the right to Mars.

Source: BrunoBMGDesigns/Deviant Art

After a fierce battle with Tony Stark emerging victorious, he had to decompress, which led him to fly his armor into Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Tony Stark reflects that utilizing the Earth’s rotation is a highly effective means of traveling long distances, allowing Iron Man to reach his destination quickly. This method allows Stark to recover after the intense confrontation with Feilong, rather than using his supersonic speeds across the planet, enabling him to recharge and avoid hastily departing for his next destination.