Lightsaber Chronicles: Why Skywalker Made A New Green Weapon To Face Vader

By Victor O

Luke Skywalker’s decision to wield a new green lightsaber in Star Wars comics adds depth to his iconic weapon’s origin. In a thrilling narrative revealed in Star Wars #33, the canon explains why Luke ultimately discards his yellow lightsaber before facing Vader in Return of the Jedi.

Image Courtesy of Vocal Media

After the confrontation at Cloud City, Luke struggles to retrieve his father’s blue lightsaber. Intent on securing a substitute, he investigates a deserted outpost dating back to the High Republic era. Within its confines, he stumbles upon a lightsaber wielded by temple guards, featuring a distinctive yellow blade. Luke employs this newfound weapon in clashes against the Empire within the Star Wars comics. Nevertheless, a pivotal moment unfolds, altering the course of events dramatically.

While on a mission in the perilous No-Space, Luke’s prosthetic hand and lightsaber are crushed by a Killdroid. In Star Wars #33, he returns to the Rebel Alliance Fleet with a damaged lightsaber. R2-D2 attempts a repair, but the result is a barely functional weapon. Sensing the imminent confrontation with Vader, Luke activates the unstable lightsaber and acknowledges the need for a new one.

The urgency to create a replacement arises as Leia and Mon Mothma mobilize the Rebel Alliance to exploit a Force-related disturbance. The “ripple” has a diminishing effect on individuals sensitive to the Force, such as Luke, Vader, and Palpatine. Taking advantage of the distraction of the Sith leaders, Luke intends to acquire a fresh lightsaber for his upcoming clash with Vader. With time constraints leading up to the events in Return of the Jedi, Luke initiates a quest to locate a new Kyber crystal and assemble the necessary components for the lightsaber.

Although the films do not explicitly depict Luke constructing a green lightsaber, a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi shows him modifying the hilt. Nevertheless, in the 2019 comic Age of Rebellion – Luke Skywalker #1, the green lightsaber makes its debut at an earlier point in the timeline. The story takes place amidst a disturbance in the Force triggered by the obliteration of an ancient dark side weapon in Hidden Empire #5.

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Jedi lightsabers, powered by Kyber crystals attuned to the Force, often demand a profound connection with the light. In Star Wars #34, Luke sets out to search for a Kyber crystal, suggesting a potential test by the Force. While the yellow crystal in Luke’s damaged lightsaber still functions, the reason for seeking a new crystal remains unknown. As readers eagerly anticipate the forthcoming issues of Star Wars, the mystery behind Luke Skywalker’s iconic weapon will finally be unveiled.