The Last Of Us: Bella Ramsey On Ellie’s Actions Toward A Certain Infected

By Victor O

Bella Ramsey, star of The Last Of Us, explains what left most fans pondering. Why did Ellie cut the head of an infected before killing it in a scene from the third episode of the season?

In that scene, while Ellie and Joel are searching for supplies in one of the deserted convenience stores, the young woman discovers an infected trapped under debris in the basement of the convenience store. She proceeds to kill it by slicing its head open.

Source: HBO

Bella Ramsey, who portrays the iconic video game character, explains why this was necessary while speaking with a magazine.

The artist explains that Ellie’s actions were influenced by her thoughts about the people she loved and cared about. For Ellie, the infected represented the entity that killed Riley and Tess, despite it not being the same infected.

In Ellie’s mind, she believed that the infected was the embodiment of evil and responsible for the death of her loved ones. This act portrays Ellie’s initial experience of revenge and violence.

The viewpoint offered by Bella Ramsey concerning this significant moment of the third episode presents a fresh perspective. The actress characterizes her character as slightly wicked during that particular moment. However, her analysis also buttresses the childlike nature of Elliie’s behavior.

Source: HBO

This scene shows the moment when Ellie starts keeping information from Joel, and the trait becomes important in her character development in the series. It also contributes to her ability to kill infected with savage methods.

The HBO show has been renewed for a new season, but fans will likely wait another couple of years to watch it.