These Are The Reasons Why CGI Can Fail The Movie Industry

By Victor O

CGI has been the magic of modern filmmaking, and filmmakers can bring their imaginations to life with the power of computer-generated imagery. However, things can go wrong with using CGI in the film industry; it is always less impressive when this happens.

Source: @danesager/Unsplash

You have undoubtedly experienced that uncomfortable feeling when you watch something that looks almost human but not quite right. There are also moments when the imagery doesn’t match the real world.

For example, when a CGI explosion looks more like a cartoon than a real explosion, this takes you out of the thrilling feeling of the movie.

CGI can also be too much for our senses to handle. It’s like taking too much food at a buffet, your plate looks good, but your stomach will regret it later. When there is too much CGI action in a movie, it can be disorienting for some viewers.

Plus, there is the issue of sensory overload, where there is too much going on visually, and it is hard to concentrate on anything in particular.

Source: @jakobowens1/Unsplash

It can also be draining emotionally because viewers are bombarded with intense and adrenaline-pumping scenes, which can be exhausting. Some movies have successfully used CGI, like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Pan’s Labyrinth, and the key is to use CGI as a backdrop instead of it being the main focus.

Most modern filmmakers rely on CGI to engage the audience, assuming that viewers need constant stimulation in movies and end up not paying attention to the strong acting and storytelling. Filmmakers must balance CGI with cinematic elements in movies to produce a well-rounded movie experience for the viewers.